The 8 Limbs of Yoga Journal is on Amazon

I originally designed this journal for my yoga students in YTT200, thinking they would love journaling and blogging their personal responses to ordered questions. I quickly realized that is not the case. Not everyone likes to write. But many do. They also make lists, doodle, draw, sketch, scribble, paint, collage and more to get their thoughts and ideas about their yoga practice on paper. So this journal turned into a guide, a project, an art journal and a storage place for each unique and private experience.

I have ordered this journal by the 8 limbs of yoga so there are sections for each limb. Visual artists will draw and color of course. Writers will write. Scribblers scribble. Add conversation bubbles for your deep thoughts. Fill blank pages with pictures or mementos. Teachers can use these questions in a discussion between students and teacher, or between students. YTT Directors can use these questions as conversation starters in Yoga Teacher Training

I am a big fan of the entire eight limb yoga system. I think it is elegant and practical. The 8 limb system is what makes yoga so accessible to people of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes. What I am learning from conducting workshops with this book as text is every yoga student can jump in somewhere. Not everyone starts with page one. This is one of those books you can close your eyes, open to a page and start writing.