May 30, 2015


Wherever you are along the lifespan, yoga is there.

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Private Sessions

Private sessions with Beth are custom designed just for you. The focus can be gentle yoga, chair yoga, kids yoga, body positive yoga, restorative yoga, meditative yoga, yoga nidra, coaching, 8 limbs, journal writing or a combination of these. These lessons bring the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of yoga to you in a safe, nurturing space. Private lessons will be arranged around your schedule and mine, there is sometimes a wait. Come prepared for simple warm-up stretches, basic yoga postures, modifications for various body types and a final relaxation.  You can sign up for just one lesson or more, depending on your goals. Lessons are held at my corporate office on San Jose Blvd.

Rates are by the hour

1 hour $100
2 hours $180
3 hours $240
4 hours $280
5 hours $300


Select how many hours you would like to reserve. You will be charged by the hour. Payment can be made in person by cash, check or credit card or over the phone. When I receive authorization of payment, I will contact you and we will set up our hours.


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Becoming a Yoga Teacher — Lifespan Yoga Kids, Gentle and Chair certifications are outlined here

If at some point you decide you want to teach Lifespan Yoga I offer a few different ways to get certified. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me.