July 31, 2015

Lifespan Yoga: Newborn to Age 18


The full name of this book is Lifespan Yoga®: Developmental Psychology Meets the Practice and Teaching of Yoga (Newborn to Age 18). As you can see it would not fit on the cover and be legible.

This book will always be near and dear to my heart because when I first began teaching yoga half of my students were children. I wrote this book for parents and yoga teachers to help them in teaching yoga to all ages. It includes a chapter for each developmental stage from newborn babies up to age 18. If you are reading the book in electronic form, the table of contents is clickable so you can jump directly to the age group you are interested in. I think it is important when teaching the 8 limbs of yoga to understand the stage of life the yoga student is in and recognize there are many aspects of the yogic system that are critical in the mental and moral development of children and teens.

To quote from the introduction, “If we hope to live up to yoga’s long history of personal transformation in a contemporary way, yoga must be accessible to people of all ages and stages along the developmental spectrum. Human development, through all of life’s stages, is not limited to physical growth, but includes a rich mental development and psychological growth. This mental life is what makes us human, and the ancient yogis were deeply concerned with the mind when they developed the yoga system. Across cultures mental life develops within the context of our families and communities. Older generations pass on cultural ethics, values and civilized behavior. Younger generations learn, make mistakes and eventually take the wheel. The practice of yoga develops, and changes not just our physical selves, but our mental development as well. This can happen during all life stages, but yoga must be approached in a way that makes it accessible to the stage of life the person is in.” This book attempts to do just that.


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Chapters include:


Chapter 1: Lifespan Psychology meets the 8 Limbs of Yoga

Chapter 2: Newborn to Age One

Chapter 3: Ages One and Two, the Toddler Years

Chapter 4: Ages Three to Five, the Preschool Years

Chapter 5: Ages Six to Eleven, the Elementary Years

Chapter 6: Ages Twelve to Fourteen, Early Adolescence and Puberty

Chapter 7: Ages Fifteen to Eighteen, Later Adolescence