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Reviews for my Chair Yoga book




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Perfect book for Chair Yoga students and teachers

By I. Vanhulsentop on December 17, 2015

Format: Paperback

This is a perfect book for students beginning a chair yoga practice and teachers wishing to offer classes on a chair. As a Chair Yoga teacher, I appreciate the clear language, easy to follow pictures and that the author emphasizes the inner experience of yoga. Placing the physical postures in the context of the 8 limbs of yoga, along with a warm, conversational writing style make this book stand out. Over 40 variations of classic yoga poses that can be done “on or around a chair” are offered, along with sun and moon salutation sequences. I highly recommend this book.

Reviews for my Gentle Yoga book


The Gentle Yoga BookWith Gentle Yoga: A Lifespan Yoga Introduction, Daugherty clears a path for those who want to slow down and focus on yoga fundamentals. Beginners seeking home practice guidance will discover a trove of helpful photos and straightforward descriptions. Daugherty’s lively, loving voice is grounded in traditional teachings; she offers deep insight to all who pursue the twists and turns of the yogic journey. by Sarah H.

Gentle Yoga: A Lifespan Yoga Introduction is a wonderful guide for practicing away from class.  As I am still a novice, the descriptions and pictures greatly aid in obtaining the maximum purpose of each pose. I especially like the demonstrations for using chairs and props to build confidence in attaining the balance of breathing and relaxation to achieve maximum benefit.  The Gentle Posture Series are great guides for obtaining the sequencing to achieve a very relaxing, healthful and meditative experience. The insightful explanations of the benefits of gentle yoga and meditation and their ability to help us refocus on the important things in our lives are useful tools to counter a stress filled world. Thank you for sharing your guidance and gifts.




Review for my book about Kids and Teen Yoga–


Book 1 cover

I really enjoyed this book! It takes a unique look at how modern psychology can inform the practice of yoga, and really expands the principles of yoga to include concepts we can easily apply in our lives today. A must read for anyone interested in experiencing yoga as more than an exercise program. Review from Amazon.com







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