Senior and Chair Yoga Teacher Graduates

Eight dedicated yogis completed senior and chair yoga teacher training with me at the Yoga Den last week. We had two intense days of lecture, instruction, coaching, posture work, meditation, history of chair yoga, and a lot of practice teaching. We worked from my latest book on Gentle Yoga and also used the book I am writing now on Chair Yoga. Here are some of the comments:

My favorite part of the training was learning the huge importance of the different intensity levels… C. T.

The depth of information presented was fantastic as well as our group conversations and explorations…T.P

I really enjoyed how you incorporated the eight limbs and also getting your book as a take home…J.S.

It is hard to choose a favorite part. I think most useful for me was the active chair practices. I learn the poses kinesthetically. I enjoyed thinking and learning about the aging process. It can be hard to both sympathize and empathize when you are a younger persona and/or don’t have an aging person in your life…K.W.

I loved everything about this training. Learning about the actual practice of the postures in the chair was very insightful but he feeling behind it was even better…P.G.

My favorite part of the training was the yoga nidra and meditation…M.H.

My favorites were hands on experiences, yoga nidra and all the prop ideas…B.K.

I enjoyed listening to Beth’s stories and reading her book…E.H.

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