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Gentle Yoga: A Lifespan Yoga Introduction is now out on Kindle and in paperback. Gentle yoga appeals to people of all ages who enjoy a yoga style that is peaceful, comfortable and easy to keep up with. In gentle yoga each pose will look different for each person because of the diversity of health, body shapes and sizes. This book encourages you to adjust the poses to their most accessible form based on your body type, limitations, flexibility and strength. In some cases, if you are battling serious health concerns such as cancer or chronic disease a gentle practice is the place to begin. Students with pain, disabilities and special conditions have unique concerns and I attempt to speak to them in this book. Especially when we add chairs and yoga props, the practice becomes accessible to many more people. From a place of comfort, these gentle poses can be practiced at many levels for new challenges.

Review for my most recent book

Gentle Yoga: A Lifespan Yoga Introduction is a wonderful guide for practicing away from class.  As I am still a novice, the descriptions and pictures greatly aid in obtaining the maximum purpose of each pose. I especially like the demonstrations for using chairs and props to build confidence in attaining the balance of breathing and relaxation to achieve maximum benefit.  The Gentle Posture Series are great guides for obtaining the sequencing to achieve a very relaxing, healthful and meditative experience. The insightful explanations of the benefits of gentle yoga and meditation and their ability to help us refocus on the important things in our lives are useful tools to counter a stress filled world. Thank you for sharing your guidance and gifts. by Anne Stanley


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