From Lifespan Yoga Newborn to Age 18

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When I began teaching yoga half my business was Kids Yoga. I loved it so much I wrote a book for parents and yoga teachers that would guide the teaching of yoga, age by age, from newborn to age 18. I became approved by the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher and my school Lifespan Yoga, became a registered yoga school for children and teens. Now I speak and train those who work with children about Kids Yoga and I offer Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at the 95 hour level. If you only want to teach yoga to children, consider this 95 hour training and when completed, registering with the Yoga Alliance. This intensive training is perfect to offer in a school setting to teachers and social workers.

I wrote the following in my first book and it is an expression of my work–

When I thought about teaching yoga, I figured it would be just me and my girlfriends hanging out in a spa wearing very comfortable pants. We would be stretching and laughing-having a wonderful time (without all the calories of strawberry daiquiris). What really happened was quite different. Calls came in to me from mothers of disabled children, people caring for their elderly parents, teenagers with ADD, women finishing up chemo and men with serious heart concerns. I realized immediately that people were seeking help with all the natural, but sometimes difficult, stages of life. I knew in my bones yoga could be very helpful. My typical day might have consisted of a morning chair yoga class with seniors, an afternoon class full of kids just out of school (with energy to spare), and an evening class reserved for exhausted adults returning home from the daily grind.

One morning, two gorgeous little girls with flaming red hair jumped out of a white mini-van and helped their grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, into the studio for my chair yoga class. They were so excited-school was off that day and they were free to attend class with Mom and Grandma. The girls stayed close, modeling the poses, giggling, handing out props and holding Grandma’s hand. I was elated! This was the fulfillment of my hopes for Lifespan Yoga®: yoga made accessible to all ages and stages. With this one class, I had three generations learning together.