Home Study

These home study classes are designed to be self-paced and can be finished in a few weeks or a few months. You will need an internet connection, a phone and email. All the links you will need for the course will be sent by email. Each class includes written materials and 4 coaching sessions (30 minutes for each session). We can do these sessions over the phone or email. The cost for each home study course listed below is $250, and you can pay by cash, check, MC, Visa, Discover. Call 904-233-6162 or email me at lifespanyoga@gmail.com for more information and payment details.

Gentle Yoga Home Study

The centerpiece of Lifespan Yoga®, this home study course will bring the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of yoga to students by utilizing easy, peaceful postures. You can do as many or as few poses as you like each day and work up to the full sequence lists provided in the materials. I will introduce a variety of techniques to help you deeply relax and let go of stress. This is great for beginners or anyone who needs stress relief.

 Chair Yoga Home Study

When mobility issues strike, and it is hard to get up and down from the floor, you may enjoy chair yoga. Lifespan Yoga® in the Chair is a great alternative to traditional yoga, providing people of all ages with an easy way to get more active even if you are less mobile and/or you can not get down on the floor. These classes simplify difficult movements while still offering tremendous health benefits. But the best benefit is the relaxation and meditation done to calm the nervous system and promote peace.

Kids Yoga Home Study

Kids Yoga is getting a lot of press today as educators and parents have noticed the wonderful benefits of gentle yoga for children. In the Lifespan Yoga® for Kids Home Study you will learn basic postures for children, plus how to incorporate games, art, stories, music, character education, and deep relaxation into your family yoga sessions. This is all about making yoga creative and fun for children! If this is something you really love, Beth is a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher and can train you to teach. See the Teacher Training Page.

 Below is the first coloring book, Nikita’s Sun, I used it in a preschool yoga class all the time. Now it is available on Amazon.

Coloring Book $5.00