Cancer Yoga Teacher Training

Tomorrow 17 wonderful yoga teachers will complete the advanced certification offered by the Christina Phipps Foundation. This foundation began in 2010 in remembrance of Christina Phipps, a Jacksonville, FL yoga instructor who found great comfort from her yoga community when diagnosed with cancer.  After her first round of chemotherapy and a clean report, Christina wanted to give back to her community. She developed a unique form of gentle yoga specifically for cancer patients. She offered these classes for free to people living with cancer. She received much acclaim from the community and a large following. Christina was selected as “the best yoga instructor” by Jacksonville Magazine. Shortly before her death in 2010, she was still leading as many as 12 yoga classes a week.

Christina and her family conceived the foundation with the idea to train yoga teachers to take over the yoga classes Christina had started. Her father Ben Phipps was the founder and continues to serve as the President of the Board of Directors. Her sister Jarrett Phipps also continues to serve as a director. I serve as the Executive Director.

It was determined that the mission of the Christina Phipps Foundation would be to provide specialized training for experienced yoga instructors to prepare them to guide cancer patients and survivors through yoga therapy. The Foundation’s training program is conducted by physicians and other healthcare and yoga professionals.

The foundation recruits qualified yoga teachers, organizes training for them, coaches these yoga teachers through the certification process, and assists in locating appropriate volunteer placement enabling the yoga teacher to serve the cancer community. All the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical faculty involved in the CPF training certification are volunteers.

We have now trained over 100 yoga teachers, most residing in Florida and Georgia, but we have teachers now living in Texas, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and Germany. We’ve had over 30 organizations host CPF classes since 2010 in Florida and Georgia. Classes are always free. CPF yoga teachers are volunteers. The facility that invites us in agrees to never charge for the yoga class. Sometimes the host organization only wants a class a short time, some are longer term, and some of our classes have been running uninterrupted since Christina taught them prior to her death in 2010. The current free yoga class schedule is at

We are always happy to have people spread the word about our yoga classes and connect cancer survivors with us and with yoga. Supporters can join our mailing list or donate at

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