October 15, 2014

Kids Yoga


95 Hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Lifespan Yoga® offers Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at the 95 hour level. This is open to anyone who wants to teach yoga to children. Teachers, day care workers, counselors and parents. No prior yoga teacher training is necessary to enroll in the 95 hour teacher training. Lifespan Yoga will contract with your school or daycare to bring this training in house for you. Trainees learn about newborn to age 18, with a focus on the age group of your choice. You will experience teaching yoga to all different stages of the lifespan.

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In this training you will learn basic postures for children, plus how to incorporate games, art, stories, music, character education, and deep relaxation into your yoga sessions. It is all about making yoga creative and fun for children! We will work from my amazon.com book Lifespan Yoga®: Developmental Psychology Meets the Practice and Teaching of Yoga (Newborn to Age 18). This text merges the fields of developmental psychology and the practice of yoga. Geared to parents and yoga teachers, this book includes a chapter for each developmental stage from newborn babies up to age 18.

Chapters include: Introduction, Chapter 1: Lifespan Psychology meets the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Chapter 2: Newborn to Age One, Chapter 3: Ages One and Two, the Toddler Years, Chapter 4: Ages Three to Five, the Preschool Years, Chapter 5: Ages Six to Eleven, the Elementary Years, Chapter 6: Ages Twelve to Fourteen, Early Adolescence and Puberty, Chapter 7: Ages Fifteen to Eighteen, Later Adolescence, and a Conclusion. The teacher training follows this order and covers each of the stages.


The cost is $2500 for a private training with Beth which you can complete very quickly (just as an example: if the kids are in school and you and I can train 8-2pm for 15 days that’s it, you graduate! If babies and toddlers are involved it may take us a little longer. It is intense but do-able!!!)

OR this price can be discounted if I bring the entire 95 hour program to your child friendly site with 10 teachers (or more) ready to go. Email me at lifespanyoga@gmail.com or call 904-233-6162 to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities. Graduates will be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers and gain all the benefits Yoga Alliance registered teachers get. When you  complete the training program, I will present a Lifespan Yoga certificate of completion in Kids Yoga.

Below is the first coloring book I designed and used in a preschool yoga class. Now it is available on Amazon.

Coloring Book $5.00



For Organizations

Kids Yoga specialized training can be customized for your organization and brought to teachers, daycare staff, parents or managers at your organization. No yoga experience is necessary to become a Kid’s Yoga Teacher. We work together to determine your organizational needs and determine if my RCYT programs are a fit. Contact me with your needs and I will submit a proposal including pricing. Email me at lifespanyoga@gmail.com or call 904-233-6162


For Yoga Studios

Kids Yoga specialized training can be customized for your yoga studio. Contact me with your needs and we will set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities. Lifespan Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance currently offering YTT at the 200 hour level. Email me at lifespanyoga@gmail.com or call 904-233-6162