Gentle Yoga Certification

25 hour Gentle Yoga Certification

This is an advanced certification for yoga teachers. I developed this certification for many of my yoga teacher friends who were trained in a yoga style that did not include gentle yoga and special needs yoga. The 200 hour yoga teacher training can not possibly cover everything so of course some people who first learn fitness yoga or hot yoga find they need more training. As time went by and I gained more experience with different conditions I have added more information to the course and included a mentoring and coaching section.

We will review the common special conditions plus numerous modifications for each pose, using props to help you increase student comfort, and how to utilize the 8 limbs into your gentle yoga practice or yoga classes. Usually this is focused on the adult age but I do touch on some common special needs you will find in a children’s yoga class.

This certification will boost your skill level and your confidence working with those with special conditions. The cost is $500 for a private certification and this price is discounted for a semi private certification. The modules I have designed provide tailored coaching and mentoring around your niche area. These are Yoga Alliance CEUs. You can pay by cash, check, MC, Visa, Discover before the program begins.

Email me at or call 904-233-6162 now and set up a meeting to discuss this program. When you complete the program, I will present a Lifespan Yoga certificate of completion in Gentle Yoga.

Beth's Gentle Manual 022


Thank you soooo much for all your help in  teaching and mentoring me in Gentle Yoga. You’ve opened my eyes to so many different aspects of yoga and I can’t begin to thank you enough. Your knowledge and guidance has been greatly appreciated and I truly enjoyed being a part of the class. —- Jean H.

The things I enjoyed about the 25 hour Gentle Yoga certification: Beth’s stories, 8 limb focus and heavy emphasis on meditation and stress relief. —–Brigid M, RYT