February 25, 2013

Chair Yoga Certification

Chair Yoga Certification

If you enjoy chair yoga and would like to advance your knowledge base or become a chair yoga teacher this certification is for you. If you are already a 200 hour yoga teacher, you may not have had time to learn chair yoga in that training and now you realize this is a very popular style of yoga. This training will allow you to expand your offerings and enjoy more students. Getting trained in chair yoga allows you to share a body positive experience to people in all age groups, many who may not normally try yoga.

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The cost is $500 for the full training and is open to anyone with the desire to learn. This includes 4 private sessions with me (if you are in Jacksonville we will pre-arrange meetings, if not, we can skype or call) plus my book Chair Yoga: Lifespan Yoga for Health and Wellness, homework, mentoring, and practice teaching.

Pay in full before the training begins by cash, check, or credit card. Email me at lifespanyoga@gmail.com or call 904-233-6162 now and set up your initial meeting. When you complete the program, I will present you with a Lifespan Yoga®  certificate of completion in Chair Yoga.


I enjoyed Beth’s warmth, personality and sense of humor.  Emilie J.

Very informational and easy to understand. Nydia V.

My favorite part of the training was the loving atmosphere you cultivated. It felt like one was free to share and be open. Maria M.

I enjoyed the PowerPoint, allowing discussion to progress organically, the creation of a safe space to learn, and the information on the 8 limbs. Gail P.

I enjoyed learning that Chair Yoga is far more than just for older adults. Jennifer S.