June 26, 2013

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Beth is the founder of Lifespan Yoga®, Director of Teacher Training, and author of 6 books related to yoga, 5 of them are available on Amazon. She began studying and practicing yoga in 1981 and became a yoga teacher in 2010. She was certified by the Christina Phipps Foundation to teach Yoga to Cancer Patients, and is currently the Executive Director of the Foundation. Beth is an E-RYT, Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, certified in Chair Yoga, Curvy Yoga, and Yoga for Cancer Survivors.

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Beth has lived in three very different yoga centers and trained with a variety of teachers since the early 1980s. While volunteering with the United States Peace Corps, she studied yoga in the Fiji Islands and later studied a wide variety of styles of yoga. She holds a Master of Arts in General Psychology at the University of North Florida , a Master of Science from Cornell University and a Graduate Certificate in Health Administration from the Sloan Program at Cornell University. In addition to yoga, she has taught research design, statistics, psychology and program evaluation. She has been involved in education (teaching or management) at all levels; nursery to undergraduate college students.


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I want to thank you again for all your support, caring and compassion on my initial journey of learning and reaping the benefits of gentle yoga.  Prior to January, 2012 I was a very active person accustomed to walking at least 45 minutes daily, in addition to other daily activities.  In late January, I experienced a stabbing pain in my left foot which grew worse over the next week and subsequently was diagnosed as a stress fracture.  However, over the course of the next eight months and eight different doctors, I was still in pain, now in both feet, and had very limited mobility. I was finally diagnosed with “idiopathic peripheral neuropathy” and given medication to treat my symptoms.

In September 2012, while vacationing in NC, I attended a yoga class with a friend and I was immediately hooked, even though I was still somewhat limited in performing all of the yoga poses. I felt so much better after the two classes I asked the yoga instructor to recommend a style of yoga right for me once I returned home. She advised me to look for classes for seniors.  My internet search led me to you based on your description of your gentle yoga classes.  From day one, I felt like I had found the right yoga instructor and classes for me.  I remember leaving that first class with you and Sandy, thinking and feeling that I had finally found a way to live with the discomfort of neuropathy and that I’d found the perfect support group for me.  With each class, I started feeling better and was able to do far more than I ever expected.  I loved it so much that I committed to three classes per week and rarely missed one.

I’m not sure I can fully express my gratitude to you other than to say, you and your classes have truly given me a new and more positive outlook on life.  I came to realize over the course of the last nine months of your classes, that my neuropathy is manageable with yoga, but also that there are so many other people with far worse conditions who have also benefited from their time with you and your yoga classes.  I was also drawn to your classes initially because of your work with kids in general, along with those with autism and breast cancer survivors.  I had the opportunity to see you in action with people of various conditions and was constantly amazed with your patience and desire to look for alternative poses to help each and every person.  Your caring and compassion shone through in every class!!

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The best way to reach me is email at  LifespanYoga@gmail.com