Kids Yoga

We have taught preschool, school age and preteen yoga as well as family yoga classes. If your group or troop would like to try yoga call 904-233-6162 for scheduling. These classes are always age appropriate with younger children mixing yoga with games, stories, and music and older children adding more difficult yoga postures.

Products for Kids of all ages

Coloring Book $5.00

My first book in the Nikita series, Nikita’s Sun, is a coloring book (black and white). The black and white coloring book can be copied and used before and after kids yoga to reinforce the learning in class. Or you can make copies of one pose and color a different pose each week. Click here to purchase for .99.  

Nikita's Sun Story Book

Nikita’s Sun Story Book

The story book has all the pictures colored in and this book is good to read to children during kids yoga and show pictures during class to reinforce learning. A picture is worth 1000 words in a kids yoga class. Visual learners will appreciate the pictures as they are trying new poses. Click here to download.