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When I receive the email with your order, I will send the ebook to your email address as an attachment. This ebook on chair yoga was developed for my yoga students who, for a variety of reasons, had trouble getting up and down from the floor (see below). There is a long warm up section, a list of postures with descriptions, some extra chair exercises and a yoga sequence you can do at home or work. All the exercises are done from a chair. The idea is to bring the floor up to you. I am expanding this ebook all the time and adding content and pictures. 

Forward Bend in Chair Yoga

Forward Bend in Chair Yoga


When I began teaching floor yoga to cancer patients, some who were being treated with chemotherapy and radiation, everyone was doing well on the mat, but I had a nagging feeling that someone would come in one day that could not get up and down from the floor. This prompted me to learn Chair Yoga. I did my research, took classes, read up on it online and put it on the calendar as a stand alone class to see what would happen. In the first class I had a woman who had suffered 7 strokes, a woman with dementia, two women who walked with canes, and a few people with leg problems from diabetes. Later classes included people of all ages, not just senior citizens. Younger people came to chair yoga if they had serious migraines or medications that make them dizzy. People with every type of disability came to chair yoga. My pregnant friend in her 9th month loved it. Many people with Multiple Sclerosis take chair yoga classes regularly and these classes are growing locally. People of all ages with knee and hip problems avoid floor yoga. We have diabetics in all our classes, but those with neuropathy may feel safer doing yoga on a chair. Of course, anyone who sits at a desk can do yoga at work. Chair Yogis work to modify all yoga postures so everyone can experience the spirit of the yoga poses on the chair or with the chair as a prop.