Remote or local, we can do this

I have spent hours on the phone, email, Skype, my office and local coffee shops coaching people from all walks of life about their dreams, goals and yoga plans. This may include organizational or job issues or ways to reduce your stress in life. I have a yogic approach to coaching rooted in the 8 limbs, but the goals we tackle are all over the map.

I am happy to set up a phone or email “meeting” if you would like targeted coaching for your unique situation. Sessions are about 40 minutes on the phone (email is a bit different) and cost $100 per session for 1, $180 for 2, $240 for 3. Email or call me directly at 904-233-6162 to set up a time.


WOW! This Life Coaching with you is blowing my mind! Your comments and assignments are so in depth and well thought out, beyond my wildest expectations! You are awesome!   from A.W., Remote coaching client from Northeast USA


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