for People who Love Yoga

At some point, after you have been doing yoga a while, you may find you have questions about what is next on your path. Maybe you want to teach yoga, but you are not sure. Maybe you are already teaching but are looking at a few areas of specialization. Maybe you want to learn more about yoga, but do not know where to start. Or you want to work with me privately. I have spent many hours on the phone, email, Skype, and local coffee shops coaching people from all walks of life about their dreams, goals and yoga plans. This may include organizational or job issues you face daily, or ways to reduce your stress in general, and we will explore that if you like.

I am happy to set up a phone or email “meeting” if you would like targeted coaching for your unique situation. Sessions are about 30-40 minutes on the phone (email is a bit different) and cost $50 per session (cash, check or credit card). Email or call me directly at 904-233-6162.


WOW! This Life Coaching with you is blowing my mind! Your comments and assignments are so in depth and well thought out, beyond my wildest expectations! You are awesome!   from A.W., Remote coaching client from Northeast USA


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